Squad Program Cancellation Policy

  1. Fees for the UWSC Squad Program have been calculated based on expected numbers of swimmer enrollments.
  2. If minimum enrolments are not reached an Individual Squad Program may be cancelled. If an Individual Squad Program is cancelled, participants and/or guardians will be notified directly and options with be provided to you, including enrolling into a different Individual Squad Program for the same time period and value, a credit allocated to your UWSC account or a full refund.
  3. UWSC will do its best to avoid cancelling Squad Sessions. However, at times due to unexpected circumstances a Squad Session can be cancelled without prior notice. When this occurs participants will where feasible receive a phone call, text or email at least one hour prior to the class time. UWSC will endeavour to provide a make-up Squad Session. If a make-up Squad Session cannot be arranged, a refund or credit to your UWSC account will be provided to participants for that Squad Session.
  4. No make-up squad sessions, credits or refunds are available to participants for missed squad sessions in any Performance Squad Program.
  5. Where participants in Junior Squads miss a squad session UWSC will use its best endeavours to arrange one make-up session per week, subject to spare spots being available in other squad sessions covering the same skills.
  6. Sessions may be cancelled due to targeted meets (including club nights),.  Make-up sessions may, or may not be, offered, depending on the circumstances.  If make-up sessions are offered, they may be at different times and venue, and may be offered as a combined session with other squads. .
  7. The possibility of cancelled sessions for targeted meets, public holidays, camps, and breaks as advised by coaches (e.g. after State Championships) have been taken into account in the pricing.  Refunds or credits will not be issued for any missed sessions under these circumstances.
  8. Injuries and illness: No consideration for credit or refunds will be given for any injury, or illness of less than 4 weeks.  If an injury is long term and prevents attendance at training, the club should be notified as soon as possible, a medical certificate supplied, and confirmation from the coach that it is not possible to attend training.  In many cases modified training may be possible (particularly in senior squads), including kick, pull, bike, and gym, in which case a credit may not issued, or a partial credit may be issued, depending on the circumstances.  The club will consider requests on a case by case basis.  The club will issue a credit to be used against future squads.
  9. Extended leave: No consideration for credit or refunds will be given for any extended leave of less than 4 weeks, and requests must be made in advance of the leave being taken, with an explanation and documentary support may be requested.  The club will consider requests on a case by case basis.  No requests will be considered after the leave has commenced.
  10. Occasionally the club may be unable to provide a particular session (for example if there is a problem with a pool) or if restrictions are imposed by external parties – e.g. COVID-19.  Where possible, the club will provide an alternative training session – e.g. a virtual or land based session, or a make-up session.  If that is not possible a refund will not be offered unless the club is unable to provide sessions for a period longer than one week.  Where sessions are cancelled for more than one week, the club will provide credits or refunds upon application.